Chanel Bob Re-imagined

Chanel Bob Re-Imagined

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The 2012 Chanel Bob.  It’s so modern, and geometric with its choppy bangs and angular base-line.  It was the perfect choice for Kat, but she was still wanting to push even a little further.  We took the cut edgier and I suggested this color. She went for it, and now she’s OBSESSED with the results and who could blame her?  The duo-tone Cruella Deville inspired half and half color plan screams drama, and she’s two different people depending on which side of her you’re standing!  She is a walking graphic design and she’s sporting the hottest silhouette of the season.


Beginning Level:  Natural Level 2 with dyed brown mid-shaft and ends.


1. Pre-treat with Pre-Art and a Redken Chemistry Shot of Extreme

2. Divide the hair directly down the center in two equal halves from between the eyebrows to the nape.

3. Pre-lighten the left side with 20 vol on zone 1 and 30 vol on zones two and three.  Process to an even tone of lightness.  I stopped at level 8.

4. Shampoo and treat with Strength Builder Plus.  Flash Dry.

5. Re-section hair down the middle again.

6. Apply Formula One to the entire un-lightened side.  Formula One: 1Ab and 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

7. Mix Formula Two and Three.  Formula Two:  5Vv 0.9oz and 1Ab 0.1 oz with 20 volume Chromatics Developer.

Formula Three:  0.2 oz 1Ab and 0.8 oz Chromatics Clear with 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

8. Apply Formulas Two and Three in alternating one inch vertical panels from the back of the head to the front hairline excluding the bangs.

9. Foil one vertical chunk of each formula in the lightened side of the bangs.

10. Shampoo with Cleansing Cream.

11. Flash dry and tone entire head with Shades EQ.  EQ Formula: One cap 01B, 1 oz 000, and 0.5 oz Blue Kicker with Processing Solution.

12. Rinse color and finish with Color Extend and Extreme Chemistry Shot.

13. For this look, I finished the hair using Redken Spray Starch, and the Sam Villa Texture iron on the lengths and Redken Glass on the Bangs.




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