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Destination NAHA

I’ve always wondered what it would be like to stand on stage and accept an award. As a musician, I’ve thought about my grammy. I’d thank my highschool English teacher, my mom and dad, the ex-boyfriends that inspired me and so on. Or what about my oscar…my perfect attendance certificate…I relish any award really. Of course I do. An award is simply a validation of your hard work and passion. As hairdressers, we can enter lots of contests, but none are as prestigious as the NAHA Awards. To be North American Hairdresser of the Year is an honor earned by the best in our industry. It brands you as a pro, a visionary, and a leader in this field.

This weekend I attended a class at the Redken Exchange called Destination NAHA. It was an inspiration-filled pow-wow of great minds that are closely affiliated with the NAHA’s and are winners of them. To be eligible for a NAHA, you must design and produce a collection of photographs that demonstrate your ability. The class really helped clarify what it means to win a NAHA and the steps to creating photos that are worthy of being in the competition.

I learned a lot and made some new friends. I can’t wait to get back to the ol’ drawing board and come up with some new images!

Examples of NAHA work

Examples of NAHA work


Canon Blue Music Video

Hair/Make-Up, Wardrobe

Tiers of a Clown

Tiers of a Clown

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Holly Fox is my associate and she is gorgeous.  She’s also fearless.  She said “do whatever” and I took her up on it.  My goal was to showcase the outrageous colors that can be created using Chromatics and Chromatics ONLY.  I wanted to show a cornflower blue, cotton candy pink, citrusy orange and perfect platinum.  I chose a placement of tiers to really let the quality of tone be displayed.  I gave Holly a cut to further accentuate these tiers.  We played with her make-up to give her a modern, runway look, with a fun circusy vibe.  Talk about the Big Top!


Beginning Level:  Level 10 platinum with purple shampoo stain


1. Perform a Pre-Art treatment and Extreme Chemistry Shot.  (The following formulas work best on level 10 pre-lightened hair which my model already was.  I suggest pre-lightening on all natural levels.)

2. Flash dry.

3. Section the hair into five sections.  Imagine lines around the head.  One across the occipital, one about two inches above that, the third ear to ear over the crown, and the fourth two inches in front of that.  Now take those lines in your head and make them diagonal.  Meaning, the first line goes from the right nape up to the left occipital, and the second shifts in an even parallel to the first and so on, so that the last line ends up going from in front of the right ear to over the edge of the left eyebrow.  Making the partings diagonal introduces some of the color in the bang which is lovely.

4. Begin in the nape by applying Formula One to the bottom section.  Formula One:  10N 0.5 oz and 10Av 0.5 oz with 20 volume Chromatics Developer.

5. Next apply Formula Two to the occipital section — the next one up.  Formula Two:  1Ab .5 inch ribbon 0.5 oz Chromatics Clear with 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

6. Moving up the head, apply Formula Three to the crown section.  Formula Three:  0.1 oz 3Vv, a pea-sized amount of 1Ab and 1 oz of Chromatics Clear with 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

7. In the thinner fourth section, apply Formula Four.  Formula Four:  0.5 oz 7C with 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

8. In the front and final section, apply the rest of Formula One.

(As you work up the head, you can divide each section with a pinned foil to protect them from the next section if that feels easier.)

9. Process 30 minutes.

10. Shampoo with Clarifying Shampoo and treat with Color Extend Chemistry Shot.

11. Expect attention.  🙂


***As a stylist at an Elite salon, I create all of my looks, including all the edgy ones, using only Redken.  I love demonstrating that you can create Avant Garde looks without resorting to direct dyes.  This look is all Chromatics and the tones are pure and beautiful!  I LOVE Chromatics.***


Chanel Bob Re-imagined

Chanel Bob Re-Imagined

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The 2012 Chanel Bob.  It’s so modern, and geometric with its choppy bangs and angular base-line.  It was the perfect choice for Kat, but she was still wanting to push even a little further.  We took the cut edgier and I suggested this color. She went for it, and now she’s OBSESSED with the results and who could blame her?  The duo-tone Cruella Deville inspired half and half color plan screams drama, and she’s two different people depending on which side of her you’re standing!  She is a walking graphic design and she’s sporting the hottest silhouette of the season.


Beginning Level:  Natural Level 2 with dyed brown mid-shaft and ends.


1. Pre-treat with Pre-Art and a Redken Chemistry Shot of Extreme

2. Divide the hair directly down the center in two equal halves from between the eyebrows to the nape.

3. Pre-lighten the left side with 20 vol on zone 1 and 30 vol on zones two and three.  Process to an even tone of lightness.  I stopped at level 8.

4. Shampoo and treat with Strength Builder Plus.  Flash Dry.

5. Re-section hair down the middle again.

6. Apply Formula One to the entire un-lightened side.  Formula One: 1Ab and 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

7. Mix Formula Two and Three.  Formula Two:  5Vv 0.9oz and 1Ab 0.1 oz with 20 volume Chromatics Developer.

Formula Three:  0.2 oz 1Ab and 0.8 oz Chromatics Clear with 10 volume Chromatics Developer.

8. Apply Formulas Two and Three in alternating one inch vertical panels from the back of the head to the front hairline excluding the bangs.

9. Foil one vertical chunk of each formula in the lightened side of the bangs.

10. Shampoo with Cleansing Cream.

11. Flash dry and tone entire head with Shades EQ.  EQ Formula: One cap 01B, 1 oz 000, and 0.5 oz Blue Kicker with Processing Solution.

12. Rinse color and finish with Color Extend and Extreme Chemistry Shot.

13. For this look, I finished the hair using Redken Spray Starch, and the Sam Villa Texture iron on the lengths and Redken Glass on the Bangs.



Chromatically Speaking…

Vibrant colors and bold quotations fused together to make one big statement for Salon Ya Ya Inc. I designed this collection for a Redken Chromatics Contest to showcase the capabilities of their Chromatics Color Line. Check-out the looks here and then get the step-by-step with formulas under my Analog Beauty Tab.

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Quick Tease!

Get This Look:
Such a Tease
Step One:
On dry hair: Take quick tease 15 by redken…a backcombing lift finishing spray…and spray on the root area, about 4-5 inches away. Allow to dry.

Step Two:
Manipulate hair into desired shape and spray quick tease 15 to hold and finish. Spray around 10 inches away from head.

More about Chromatics

Some of you have asked me about the color line that I used on Holly. Here is a promo video from Redken that outlines the benefits of Chromatics. It also will get your bootie shakin’ with some kind of euro dance jam. 🙂

Fun with Chromatics

Holly Fox, pictured above, is my current associate. She’s actually about to graduate, and I’m so excited for her, but I will definitely miss having her by my side. She is AWESOME. Anyway, we’ve been experimenting with Redken’s new color line, Chromatics, which is a revolutionary new way to color hair using an oil delivery system. We are loving it. We’ve been using formulations somewhat outside of the box to create trendy water-colors, blues and violets. Here Holly is modeling a pale lavender with ultra-violet “roots” and deep blue accents. All created with nothing but Chromatics. **LOVE**

A quick look at applying men’s highlights…

It doesn’t get much better than when that young male client that always gets “just a trim,” asks you what you think about their color. With just a few minutes and a great lightener like Redken Blonde Icing Power Lift, you can transform a city slicker into a beachy babe. Yes, balayage is an artform and there are so many ways to do it, but creating natural looking highlights on men is one of my favorite applications, because its fast, easy, and it triples the guest ticket! Not only that, it builds guest loyalty. You can be sure that after the guy in this video, Wes, hits the town with his new hair and gets all those compliments, he’ll be back for more. Love ya, Wes!